Our Halibut

Amar Seafood PEI have license to catch wild halibut to further increase livestock.

High demand for quality fish

Halibut isa known species which commands the highest price of all of the white fish on the market. Demand is further enhanced by the steady decline in the wild stocks over the past 10 years. As much as 25,000 tons annually have been reduced from the west coast wild fishery alone in this time period.


Amar Seafood PEI’s hatchery facility is capable of supplying grow-outs with 250,000fish for growth to 3 kg market size fish. This represents enough feedstock for an industry up to 500 tons per year of halibut.

Atlantic Halibut Life Cycle

The revenue cycle of Halibut is approximately 4 years from egg to market but getting shorter as aquaculture conditions improve. Much like the early years of salmon and other new aquaculture species development, the growth cycle is decreasing with better nutrition and husbandry.


Beginning as a newly spawned egg to 3 kg market ready fish requires 42 months while the grow-out from a 200-gram juvenile at HPEI requires 24 months in a feedlot to become a full-sized market product. HPEI has a portion of each population which reach market size several months earlier and continues to reduce days to market. 

Advantages with Atlantic halibut

Atlantic halibut have a genetic advantage over other species as the brood stock continue to produce millions of viable eggs for decades so with modern genetic profiling, the best fish can provide a solid and reliable basis for juvenile production. PEI has reduced the days to market of the finished product by several months.


The following pictorial provides the times and pictures associated with raising halibut.


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