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food production

Aquaculture is an efficient means of supplying important protein sources to our growing population. At Amar Seafood, we want to contribute in developing successful food production with a sustainable focus, in order to help our future generations - both in terms of diet and environment.

Quebec seafood companies face strong international competition, yet the Quebec fisheries sector have low visibility internationally. The development of this sector lacks resources and more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies are needed.

Our Mission

Our aim is to contribute to sustainable business and industry growth through research and development partnerships, prioritizing fish welfare and growth, as well as contribute to a more sustainable seafood production that benefits future generations.

Grand Rivière: The ideal location

Grand Riviere is an ideal strategic location for Wolffish farming. With unlimited access to high-quality marine water sources and a strong local community with long fishing traditions, our Wolffish processing facilities has every chance for success. With the industrial research center (Merinov) and a technical training school (EPAQ) nearby, the location gives us access to established infrastructures as well as invaluable knowledge about nutrition and welfare development.

Local Impact

By prioritizing local industry and services, Amar Seafood will contribute and participate in the development of the community’s socioeconomy.

Increased productivity and career possibilities will result in growth in the community, need for new and existing suppliers and support personnel, and increased activity in the area.

By 2033 we will create




Indirect jobs


Amar Group with its collaborators forms an exceptionally good team for the research and development of a sustainable aquaculture farm in Grand Riviere. Our credentials include education and experience in business and administration, biology, aquamarine biology, sales, operations and much more.

Key Partnerships

Strong partnerships will be key in the development of efficient and sustainable wolffish processing facilities and in our work towards further developing and strengthening the aquaculture and fisheries industries in Quebec.
CRIBIQ is a non-profit organization which mission is to promote and support innovative development projects in the various branches of the Quebex bio-economy.
The University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR) is the academic partner of the program that play a key role in the wolfish nutritional and welfare market development.
Merinov is a provider of innovative services to the whole of Quebec’s fisheries and aquaculture industry, that has a leading position in wolfish aquaculture.
Akvaplan-Niva is a Norwegian research company that conducts applied research to optimize production and ensure the welfare of new species such as wolfish.
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