Inspection Technology

Fish Welfare

In partnership with Velox Tech, our facilities will utilize top-of-the-line underwater artificial intelligence instruments. These can perform pellet counting, dead fish detection and fish health processing with on-board computational power.

This means we can monitor fish welfare without external computers of processing clusters, without internet and with wireless connections to other systems.

With custom underwater optics that are especially designed for aquaculture, we can monitor the fish with wide angle and 77 degrees underwater.


Our aim is to develop a cost-effective wolffish specific diet to improve fish health, gamete quality fitness and growth performance. We believe this will increase productivity and, with the reduced feeding costs, improve competitivity.

By scaling up our aquafeed with nutritional feed specifically designed for wolffish needs, we can become self-sufficient as well as lowering our carbon footprint by reducing food waste.

  1. Understand wolffish nutritional needs for each cycle of the production
  2. Study wolffish behavior to reduce food waste and improve fish welfare
  3. Formulate aqua feed with raw ingredients from Gaspésie peninsula such as lobster and crab by-product
  4. Understand wolffish nutritional needs for each cycle of production
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