Sustainability is a key factor for both long-term success as well as establishing a strong foundation for future generations. Amar Seafood’s engagement in the local community and environment lies at the heart of the development of our Wolffish processing facilities in Québec and Victoria.

Financial sustainability


Our efficient and optimized operations return the highest value to our shareholders. Our saltwater wells provide pristine water requiring no antibiotics or water purification.


Automated processes and advanced technology, such as AI, enables better performance and cost-effective production, based on analysis and data.


The geothermal wells also require no heating and in fact, our saltwater wells heat our facility during winter months.


All these factors minimize our cost to get product to the marketplace. Our products command the highest of price in our established and local markets. 


The result of minimized operating cost coupled with optimization of price in the marketplace is a healthy margin for growth.

Logical choice in farming

White fish represents only 13% of the seafood consumption in Ontario and Quebec. Wolffish and halibut are high quality fish with high demand in the consumer market.

Salmon accounts for around 2/3 of the consumed volume in Ontario and Quebec, giving significant growth potential for whitefish species.

Socio-economic sustainability


Our operations create full-time employment for individuals in regions where convention commercial fisheries have seen a decline. The unique aspect of our operations and product promotes the growth of a Halibut industry and helps to attract foreign investments.


By prioritizing local industry and services, Amar Seafood will contribute and participate in the development of the communities’ social economy.  

Increased productivity will result in an increased need for new and existing suppliers and support personnel, increased activity in the areas as well as multiple career possibilities.

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