Environmental sustainability

CO2 Footprint

Seafood production survives off oceans and ecosystems that are dependent on a sustainable approach by the industries.


For us to establish a healthy environment for future generations, as well as a strong and healthy industry, we need to invest in research and development of technology and equipment that lets us process and produce in a sustainable fashion.


Products produced at Amar Seafood PEI Morning Star are sold under the Ocean WiseProgram, and Amar Seafood PEI Inc. is committed to a continual reduction of the environmental footprint of its operations, with the goal of attaining organic status.

Renewable energy

With our aim to create a sustainable and efficient processing facility, Amar Seafood focuses on utilizing innovative and environmentally friendly power systems.


Hydro Power

HydroQuébec is a public utility that manages generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Québec.


By using clean and renewable hydro power. In order for us to become carbon neutral, we need to be connected to a power grid that focuses on generating renewable energy.


Canada has established power grids which gives us access to clean, green energy.


Geothermal heat

Amar Seafood PEI strives for a low-environmental-footprint by using geothermal heat from our deep saltwater wells that feed pure, flowing seawater into specially designed tanks.


Zero antibiotics

Our halibut are completely free of antibiotics, and we protect the environment from non-native species escaping into the wild by using a land-based system rather than sea-based nets.


No risk of disease

Risk of disease, predators and naturally occurring issues which dominate sea cage aquaculture, are non-existent in land-based aquaculture, eliminating environmental concerns and optics associated with alternate aquaculture opportunities.


No risk of escape

Escaping into the wild is prevented by using a land-based system rather than sea-based nets.


Recycled water and solids

Our closed loop filtration systems return clean saltwater to the ocean. Solids are removed and are used in soil enrichment in Agriculture.

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